CJ and Emilie are a husband-and-wife team of pool technicians from Florida, with many years of experience in the pool industry. CJ started his Pool Service Business at an early age and has always been in constant pursuit of how to streamline and create efficiencies in his operations.

CJ and Emilie were repeatedly getting fiberglass rash and noticed that the sun was damaging their customer’s filters. They constantly witnessed numerous filters that had split and cracked over the years. Through the need to protect their skin, the filters, and coupled with countless encounters with decaying filter housings, FilterFit™ was created...

After extensive trials and testing of different materials, endless hours of research and education, they came up with the perfect fit: FilterFit™.

CJ and Emilie’s story is one of the American Dream. They met in Costa Rica in 2009 whilst both traveling in search of the perfect beach and waves. They found something much better, each other. Emilie being Canadian in origin followed CJ back to his native US and began building a life together.

Subsequently getting married, building the Pool Service business and Emilie then becoming a US citizen.

Fast forward a few years…

CJ and Emilie met James and Laurae in the marina where their boats were docked next to each other. Laurae, originally from Scotland and James from England both moved to the US also in search of the American Dream.

James and Laurae are serial entrepreneurs. After many years being an institutional global oil broker, building and selling business’ he built a few times over, decided to follow their passion of building companies and partnering with people with great ideas.

After some time talking and getting to know each other; James, Laurae, CJ, and Emilie decided to form a partnership and created Pool Equip Protect, and bring FilterFit™ to life and take the invention to where it deserves to be.


At PEP we are dedicated to protecting against the damaging effects of the sun. Not only damage to pool equipment, but also to skin. At PEP we believe in leading by example, raising funds and awareness, with the help of our buddy, Larry the Lobster.